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Chanson Miracle Max Water Ionizer Review.

Our Rating

There’s a lot to like about Chanson machines compared to other brands from Taiwan and Korea. We are impressed that respected alkaline water expert Dr. Robert Young recommends the Chanson brand. However we have concerns because prior to Chanson, Dr Young was telling us that Jupiter is the best water ionizer. Chanson is definitely a step up from Jupiter, but we have many questions about the quality, performance, and longevity of Chanson machines. It’s important to note that although Dr Young’s credentials are impeccable, he makes money selling products he recommends.

Here’s What We Like About The Chanson Miracle Max Water Ionizer.

  • Compact size
  • Solid plates
  • Ionization chamber can be disassembled and serviced
  • Mineral port for calcium or salt
  • Ability to do periodic citric acid cleanings to prevent calcium buildup

Even though we like these things there are unanswered questions such as these.

Chanson Water USA assures us that the 7 ‘large’ electrode plates (364 sq inches) are 99.99% medical grade titanium, double dipped and bake with platinum. They also say the plates are manufactured in Kobe Japan. We could not find these specifications on the manufacturer’s website. Medical grade titanium is pricey and platinum is currently $1500 per ounce. If they’re double dipping and using so much platinum on those large plates, how can they sell this machine so cheap and still make a profit?

If Chanson machines are built with medical grade components they should be able to prove it with an ISO 13485 certificate. Chanson Water USA only shows us an ISO 9001 certificate. This does not prove their machines are medically safe. We found absolutely no medical certifications, specifications on the electrode plates, and other important details on the manufacturer’s website. Check it out.

What We Don’t Like About The Chanson Miracle Max Water Ionizer.

The Chanson manufacturer says that they’re using ‘silver-impregnated’ active carbon in their filters. We are concerned about how much silver is being released into the drinking water. What will be the long term effects of consuming silver every day? They also say, ’ Chanson is the only company on the market right now using this new filtering technology.’ Although we are impressed with the specifications, we are concerned about drinking Chanson water long term because it’s unproven technology. Perhaps this new technology is safe today. But because Chanson is the only company using it and it’s so new, will it be safe years from now? No one knows. If you buy a Chanson, you’ll be one the first to find out if this new filter technology causes any health problems or not.

As we said earlier, we cannot verify statements made on Chanson Water USA’s website as to the medical grade quality of their electrode plates. Even though solid plates are far superior to mesh plates, there’s no way of proving whether Chanson’s solid plates are medical grade because they do not have an ISO 13485 certificate. We have seen plates out of older Chanson machines. They did not look the same as plates out of medical grade machines. We recommend that you visit the manufacturer’s website in Taiwan. The specifications on the manufacturer’s site should match the information the Chanson Water USA site. If it doesn’t, we would consider this to be a red flag.

Chanson Water USA says they’ve been making water ionizers over 20 years. Sounds impressive. However they say this, ‘The first three generations of SMPS used by other ionizer assemblers were full of defects and problems, models we tested overheated in less than one hour regardless of seller’s advertisements. This 4th generation SMPS is perfected, ...’ This quote was taken from 08/24/2012. We have saved the page because once they see this review they may remove that negative information from their site. The same quote is found on other websites. Google it. We are concerned about ‘new, improved’ ... ‘4th generation’ technology. What it means to us is that the technology is unproven in the field. If the old technology was high quality, there would be no need for a ‘4th generation’ technology that’s sure to work this time. Buyer beware. Overheating is a common problem in water ionizers made in Taiwan, China, and Korea. That’s why virtually all brands from these countries have automatic shut off ‘features’ to prevent overheating. They also have SMPS (intermittent on-off) power supplies that reduce heat. A medical grade commercial water ionizer should never overheat. When the electrode plates are medical grade, they are able to handle the high output, continuous power of a transformer safely without melting.

Chanson Water USA ‘lifetime’ warranty is only ten years!!! Why don’t they just say it’s a ten year warranty? It’s also ‘limited’. e.g. It does not cover damage if you use it in hard water areas greater than 14 TDS. Much of the USA has harder water than 14. Here’s a map. Read the warranty thoroughly. Also beware that it’s a distributor warranty, NOT a manufacturer’s warranty! If your distributor or retailer goes out of business, your warranty is worthless. Worse yet, you may have trouble getting filters, parts, and service.

The flow rate on Chanson machines is slow. Although this isn’t a deal breaker, it means that it will take longer to fill up your containers.


Although the Chanson Miracle Max is a better machine than those with mesh plates, we would not feel good about drinking their water without solid evidence that Chanson components and electrode plates are safe. Since Chanson admits older models did overheat, we would like to see a solid track record with this new ‘4th generation’ technology before making a purchase. At this time, Chanson does offer a 60 day trial. However there is a restocking fee and non refundable shipping charges. We know that there are certified medical grade machines on the market today in the same price range and perhaps even less. Contact us, if you’d like a list. However if you want to take a chance on the Miracle Max, we recommend that you purchase an ORP meter and a pH meter. Test your machine the day you get it and every week thereafter during your first 60 days. Make sure the readings you get match the specifications quoted on the Chanson Water USA website. Then be sure to monitor your health and get a complete physical every year. Hope and pray those plates are medical grade.

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